5 Tips To Get Your Home Christmas Ready

December beckons merriment, joy and the spirit of giving! With streets decked in Christmas colours, twinkling lights and colourful baubles, don’t be a Grinch in your own home.

Here are 5 tips to get your home Christmas ready to join in the festive joy!


Out With The Old, In With The New

Clean your house and clear the clutter. If you have children, start by giving away old toys, books and clothes. Donate tattered bed sheets to an animal shelter. Make space for the good things to come in the New Year.


A Lit Christmas

Make your home sparkle even in the darkest of winter nights, with fairy lights in the windows. Float tea lights in a votive or use LED candles for a welcoming tablescape. Place scented candles for an aromatic touch.


X Marks The Tree!

A Christmas tradition to look forward to! Set up an artificial tree, and dress it up in shiny baubles and silver stars. In the morning, let your children discover a treasure of gifts at the foot of the X-mas tree.


Santa’s Little Helpers

Rein in your children and have them help out with Christmas decorations. Create green wreaths from sprigs of branches and make cards for relatives together.


A Christmas Feast!

Bake cookies, cakes or pies with your children. Invite your family and friends to a beautiful home and a lavish Christmas spread. Have fun and make merry!


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